A little bit about Sue /owner

I retired from Verizon as a systems analyst, and was so not ready for retirement.  After much prayer I found my true passion,  caring for my grandchildren and when I started up my Nanny Agency, helping families find quality care for their precious children!  The safety of your child is paramount to me, and I search for and interview in person the Nannies that are sent out, so that I can ensure the very highest quality person coming to your door!  When I meet a candidate I screen them for their professionalism, age-appropriate experience, childcare style and certifications, and work history, intelligence, loyalty and stability along with a stronf work ethic.  My experience as an analyst has helped me with my interviewing skills to find the very best!  I check all the Nanny references by contacting former employers and also use Interstate Background Research Inc. for all my extensive Background checks.

FYI   Our agency has been screened by the Toronto Blue Jays organization! passing with flying colors !

I am a member of Jr. Service League of Greater New Port Richey, and love giving back into the community in which I live.  I have taught Bible Study for many many years now, and am a very hands-on Grammy!  The picture above is my oldest and youngest grandchildren Ashley and Lacey / and below are other pictures of my wonderful family!